My Top Westerns

The following is my current list of favourite Westerns, 21 of them:


Canyon Passage (1946) – Director: Jacques Tourneur; Stars Dana Andrews, Susan Hayward

Ramrod (1947) – Director: Andre de Toth; Stars Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake

Pursued (1947) – Director: Raoul Walsh; Stars Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright, Dean Jagger

Rawhide (1951) – Director: Henry Hathaway; Stars Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward, Hugh Marlowe, Dean Jagger

Bend of the River (1952) РDirector: Anthony Mann; stars James Stewart, Julie Adams, Arthur Kennedy

Shane (1953) – Director: George Stevens; Stars Alan Ladd, Van Heflin, Jean Arthur, Jack Palance

The Man From Laramie (1955) – Director: Anthony Mann; Stars James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Donald Crisp

Seven Men from Now (1956) – Director: Budd Boetticher; Stars Randolph Scott, Gail Russell, Lee Marvin

The Searchers (1956) – Director: John Ford; Stars John Wayne, Natalie Wood, Ward Bond

3 10 to Yuma (1957) – Director: Delmer Daves; Stars Glenn Ford, Van Heflin

Rio Bravo (1959) – Director: Howard Hawks; Stars John Wayne, Dean Martin, Walter Brennan, Angie Dickinson

Comanche Station (1960) – Director: Budd Boetticher; Stars Randolph Scott, Nancy Gates, Claude Akins

Ride the High Country (1962) – Director: Sam Peckinpah; Stars Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea

Will Penny (1968) – Director: Tom Gries; Stars Charlton Heston, Joan Hackett

True Grit (1969) – Director: Henry Hathaway; Stars John Wayne, Kim Darby, Glen Campbell, Robert Duvall, Strother Martin

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) – Director: George Roy Hill; Stars Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katherine Ross, Strother Martin

Conagher (1991) Director: Reynaldo Villalobos; Stars Sam Elliott, Katherine Ross

Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) Director Walter Hill; Stars Gene Hackman, Jason Patric, Wes Studi, Robert Duvall

Riders of the Purple Sage (1996) Director Charles Haid; Stars Ed Harris, Amy Madigan


Open Range (2003) – Director: Kevin Costner; Stars Costner, Robert Duvall, Annette Bening.

True Grit (2010) – Directors: Joel and Ethan Coen; Stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Hailee Steinfeld


4 thoughts on “My Top Westerns”

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Colin. It’s Steve here and have been inspired by your superb site to start one of my own. Not sure how far I’ll go with it, as can see producing reviews anywhere near your standard is not an easy task. Have in mind to do reviews of each movie in the list. Very best wishes for the New Year.


      1. Sounds like a good plan, Steve, and I’ve no doubt it will work out a treat. It’s important to enjoy what you’re doing, so it makes sense to look at your favorites and it’s a great way to put your thoughts on a movie down – sometimes others will share that view and sometimes they won’t but what matters is expressing how different films affect us all in different ways. Write what you want, when you want and just take it from there.


  1. That’s very encouraging, thanks, Colin and a sensible piece of guidance. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch these favourites, the next time I get them out, they’re still hugely enjoyable. I rewatched The Man From Laramie last week – about three years after the previous viewing – and once again it proved thoroughly satisfying and something to savour.


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